Online Cyanotype Workshop

Learn from me at home

It will be a memorable art making experience.

You will select the most suitable date and time (between 10am – 2pm) for you to learn from me at home, I will deliver materials to your address after enrolment.

▪️Materials includes:
– Cyanotype chemical powder 35g
– Hard paper board x 1
– Acrylic sheet x1
– Brush x1
– Postcard designed by artist x4
– Bookmark size paper x3
– Clips x4
$450 ( includes all materials)

▪️Beside video demonstration, I’ll be dropping a google meeting/ zoom session to answer all your questions

▪️Registration: / 64074114 (whatsapp)


Cyanotype is an old photographic printing process (1842).
It is not an indigo dye, but a fun process, which requires sunlight.
I will teach participants how to make cyanotype print on paper step by step and explain the history of cyanotype.

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