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    Cyanotype Workshop 藍曬班

    Cyanotype is an old photographic printing process (1842). It is not an indigo dye, but a fun process, which requires sunlight. I will teach participants how to make cyanotype print on paper step by step and explain the history of cyanotype.

    Hot/ Cold Batik Workshop 蠟染班

    Batik is a very ancient craft dating back at least 2000 years; the ancients cleverly using hot wax to cover parts that are not to be dyed and different designs reflect the culture and religion of their country. Participants will make batik painting step by step with me. Meanwhile, I will explain the history of batik and introduce the different batik art from Japan, China, Java and Australia.

    Enquires on workshops for school/ group teaching or collaborations, just email me 🙂