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SinChew Daily (Malaysia)

每一次閱讀記者為我寫的專訪, 我都會心跳加速, 就好像要看一封陌生人的來信。❤ (Scoll down for Eng) 多謝真心花時間了解我的來信 我相信吸引力大法, 我相信每個人都有自己的能量, 多謝記者朋友為我再注入新的力量, 提醒我要繼續努力! 記者朋友也要保重身體(๑•̀ᄇ•́)و ✧ My heart beats fast every time before i read an article about me. It is like a secret letter from a stranger. Thank you for spending time to get to know me and my works. This is a lovely interview, especially she hiked 2 hours with me for my forest … Read More SinChew Daily (Malaysia)