2016 Diminishing Memory


In the past, weaving was used to record the memories of people. Today, photographs are the visual memory of life; old techniques are gradually replaced by technology. Karen wants to share her art to inspire her audience with the historical value of weaving, one of the oldest surviving crafts in the world. By combining cyanotype* and weaving, she presents her diminishing childhood memories with her father on printed woven fabrics. Karen believes that everyone has his or her own diminishing memory; she hopes that her artwork can provide inspiration for others to record their own memories not by taking photos with ease, but by restoring old crafts to create their own personal handcrafts.

*Cyanotype that Lai Garling used in this range of work is an old photographic printing process, first used in 1842, that produces images by applying a photosensitive solution to paper and exposing it to sunlight once it is dry. The results may vary due to the strength of the sunlight, the proportion of photosensitive solution, the objects, the film, and the manipulation of light source.

Exhibition: 2 April 2016 – 30 June 2016
Venue: WHOSTHATshop, S309, Blk A, PMQ, Central, HK

古時,織布常被用來紀載民族的文化歷史。如今,攝影能即時為人們留住回憶, 可見傳統工藝已逐步被科技取代而日漸式微。受到這現象的啟發,黎嘉玲萌生創作靈感,她運用藍曬*結合編織,製作一系列關於父親在她的童年時期逐漸褪色的回憶。她希望透過她的作品讓大眾重新認識織布工藝的歷史及文化價值。她相信每個人,你、他或她都有過一段褪色的過往,也希望藉此展覽傳達出「一個獨立手製的作品所藴藏的回憶比手機拍照更刻骨銘心」。














With over millions of shared memorable photos that are on social media each day, do people still remember their childhood memories without a smartphone? 

How about you? 

Young artist, Lai Garling was born and raised in Australia during her early childhood and she had very limited memories of her father there. Recently, she revisited Australia solely and only just found out that her father worked in Hong Kong on his own to support the family and herself living in Australia at that time.

Currently, Lai Garling is a textile artist, specializing in weaving and is now exploring cyanotype, an old photographic printing process. She has created a series of tactile photography, which also are tangible handmade woven fabrics to capture and recall her precious memories.

Last but not least, this is dedicated to her father for his continued selflessness to the family.




Published by Karen Garling Lai

Karen Lai, Chelsea student in London. What is pop culture? What is popular culture?

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