Wayang Kulit, 2017
*Cyanotype on paper


“外面的世界多姿多彩, 可是我無辦法完全吸收所 有知識, 三個月之旅已即將結束, 也是我要好好篩選適合的題材去結合我的藍曬。
因為我要打破我一直以來的風格, 今次的作品沒有植物, 相反地只用紗布和皮影木偶, 希望再一次呈現那晚我看皮影戲的畫面給大家! .

I want to improve,
I want to make something new,
I want to capture my travel experience.
Finally I have something new and would like to share with you all.
I captured the magical moment when I saw the wayang kulit show in Yogyakarta.
I love shadow puppet since I saw an old Chinese movie called 「活著」(To Live 1994 )by Zhang Yimou”


Wayang【 影子】 kulit 【皮】
台上只有一位皮影表演者, 而且總是男性 擔當這個角色, 他除了一個人化身成為多個角色 , 又要唱得, 連腳指都要夾著鼓槌,敲打身邊的金屬片 ( 表演長達兩小時) 很敬佩他們!


The wayang kulit is a play that makes use of two-dimensional puppets cut out from leather (kulit) in order to throw shadows (wayang) against a white screen.
The shadow-drama is performed by a single puppeteer, almost always male, called the dalang. The dalang delivers the dialogues of all characters, narrates between the scenes, sing mood songs and even his toes hold a hammer to tap the metal plates.


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