2019 Drowning


藍曬的模樣,是需要曝曬在紫外線光之下 。


儘管作品的深藍白影像多麼美麗, 但它最終都只是大自然的複製品。


我希望我的作品可以令更多人關注全球海洋生態, 重新關注每天製造的垃圾何處去了。 

The shutter is opened, 

the photosensitive material is sensitized, 

and the scene is recorded.

With the angle of light, the amount of exposure time, and even the influence of media such as paper material and air humidity, it gradually forms a blue and white image.

Despite the beautiful colours of the work, it is still a replica of nature.

Instead of replicating the appearance of the sea in Hong Kong, I am curious about what is hidden inside the sea bed.

I hope that my work will make more people pay attention to the global marine ecology and re-focus on where the everyday garbage has ended in our planet.

作品參加了Garden of the Artisans藝術節
These works were exhibited  at GOA 2019 in Hong Kong

Date: 6 – 8 Dec 2019
Location: Youth Square 青年廣場

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