Travelling Cyanotype Artist

Lai Garling

最想看當地的布藝和 「闖入民居」一起 開餐。

– Lai Garling

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cyanotype Workshop
in Kuala Lumpur, malaysia

July & Aug 2019

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Lai Garling is
staying in Malaysia between July -Sept
Feel free to contact her regarding about 
workshops or collaboration. 
Batik Workshop+ Art sharing

Batik is a very ancient craft dating back at least 2000 years; the ancients cleverly using hot wax to cover parts that are not to be dyed and different designs reflect the culture and religion of their country.

Garling will give each participant an unique experience with her fruitful knowledge in Malaysian textile art.
During the workshop, Garling will show her own Batik Art collection for participants to see and FEEL before making their batik art.

Check out the full details on my Facebook Event page

Follow my trip

A young artist currently travelling around South East Asia. Follow her as she takes you on an artistic journey through S.E.A’s diverse artistic heritage. 熱愛創作的編織師不怕單身窮遊,特別是東南亞,希望可以繼續從旅遊中學習

Upcoming destination


July – Sept 2019

in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia