2020 五幅裁 Wufucai


Artist Statement 

Three years ago (in 2017), I was travelling all around Malaysia and I had many uncertainties of what to expect. Carrying a backpack that was nearly the size of me did not deter me exploring different local textiles, culture and to share my knowledge of Cyanotype.

Cyanotype (aka ferro-prussiate printing), is an old direct sunlight printing process where the angle of light, amount of exposure and types of medium would influence the final result of a blue and white image, which is well known as blueprint.

Besides capturing moments with my phone in Malaysia, I kept exploring the unknown possibilities of using cyanotype as prints. Surprisingly, curator – Him Lo, who discovered my early works in Malaysia, became simultaneously the ‘matchmaker’ for this collaborative project between me and Ms. Jody from Qipao Tang.

Blueprint to me symbolises an action plan for the future. Without action, blueprint would never materialize. It would only remain a figment of the imagination.

Same could be said of our own history and culture. If we do not pass down our knowledge, it will be lost forever. For goals to be realized, we must put our plan into practice. It’s like if I had not travelled to Malaysia, my work may not be here today.

My artistic journey explores the meaning of history, by presenting my works today and passing on knowledge to inspire our future generations.

Lai Garling



三年前, 勇字行頭 , 沒有百分百的信心,我背着有我⼀半⾼的露營包在⾺來西亞不同的州份探索當地的布藝, 同時向當地人分享我⾃學的古老顯影工藝-藍曬。

藍曬,⼜稱為氰版印刷,是透過日曬的洗禮, 然後讓清⽔慢地顯影,隨著光的⾓度、曝光時間量,甚⾄紙張、布等媒介的影響來逐漸構成藍白色影像作品。 在過去三年的旅途,除了用手機去拍攝一點一滴,我仍然努力鑽研藍曬還未被發掘的可能性。

出發前的我萬萬沒想到,在馬來西亞創作的藍曬作品會吸引了策展人 – 盧樂謙,然後他還牽線搭橋,撮合了我和旗袍堂的⻘青老師今次的合作機會。我因而認識了五幅裁, 亦加深了我對中華⽂化背後的歷史和概念。


設計藍圖是為了激勵我們向目標進發,向心中嚮往的未來一步一步去實踐。 如果沒有行動,藍圖只會停留在嚮往的階段,只有確實地去實踐,才會擦出新的花。

就如同我當初如果沒有出發去馬來西亞,今天我的作品或許就不會呈現在南豐紗廠。 要記住很多事物會在歷史洪流中遺失,華夏文化的未來是掌握在每一位後⼈手上。若然今天我的作品能掀起你心中的漣漪,希望在不久的將來,你會繼續考究歷史真諦,把它傳承開去,繼續啟發後人。



“Each cyanotype print on fabric is 37 cm width, Jody Kan (Qipao Tang founder) taught me these two simple stitching technique to combine two fabrics in one. It is very simple, but yet keep the fabrics very durable. This is also how Chinese in the old days make clothes with limited resources.”




“Five piece of cloth” (Wufucai) can be seen as one of the earliest forms of traditional chinese gown. This gown gets its name as it is comprised of five pieces of cloth.  Each piece is 37 cm wide, which is the length of a Chinese ancient ruler (Tang Ruler)


五幅裁是青青老師 (祺袍堂-五幅裁)從禮記的深衣篇,研究出用一尺布覆五層,而裁出一個沒有任何浪費的衣衫。




透過氰版攝影, 用陽光複印傳藝精神,留下一份給


Predecessors devoted themselves day and night to honing their skills, exert themselves to produce works that meet the needs of users.

Each Chinese button knot  represents a blessing,

but how many young generations can understand?

Through cyanotype printing, make a copy of the spirit with sunlight and leave a Memo for the next round of children.

Visual Diary 2020

Cyanotype on fabric with alum, flour & thread 

We all have to start from somewhere.
Don’t be afraid to fulfil your blueprint.
This book will always reminds me of the past 5 months wonderful journey with Him Lo’s Art Team at the Mills.
Thank you to all my friends in HK & Malaysia. I won’t be able to make it without their help and support.



展覽詳情 Exhibtion Details

Lai Garling X Qipao Tang 

Date: 4/7 – 30/8/2020
Time: 12- 6pm (Mon – Sun)
Location: Studio 104A , 1/F The Mills 南豐紗廠, Hong Kong


蘋果日報  / HK01 / The Standard 


Artist Guided Tour

Coronavirus is continuing its spread across the world and Hong Kong has new social distancing regulation. Therefore I have decided to create an online guided tour for people who are curious to know more about me and my works.






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